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From Gambia in New York, United States

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  • Le JAKO de l'île!    @TwitJAKO

    ... Salvador (6); Gambia (1); Georgia (1); Grenada (1); Guatemala (5… | #Follow @MrKoolodo

  • Gambia News Update    @Gambia_Update

    114 arrested in New York ICE operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, immigration ... #news

  • ḥm.f Ỉmn-ḥtp kȝ km.t    @MajestyKagiso

    So The Gambia outlawed child marriage before New York?!?! Ain't that irony 🤣

  • Gambia News Update    @Gambia_Update

    Keita to sign with Red Bulls: Sources #news

  • Gambia News Update    @Gambia_Update

    New York Letter With Alagi Yorro Jallow: How We Promoted The Jammeh Dictatorship For Two ... #news

  • Alexander J.A Cortes    @AJA_Cortes

    Talking to people in New York -Paul was directing traffic outside the airport, he was Gambia Been in US 5 years, lives in the Bronx

  • m a r i e🥀    @marie_jallow

    @BadjanMatarr Lmaoo pls go to new york in August. I complain about gambia's heat but bobu mor opa fi fuf